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The Norco Sight A2 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike's unparalleled descending capability, adept, sure-footed climbing, and efficient pedaling translate All-Mountain theory into a category-smashing reality. Dynamic pedaling under rider input in a confident, stable chassis through rough terrain, the Sight elevates your All-Mountain experience. To make the Sight Aluminium, Norco had to re-think how you connect with the trail. With maximum front and rear wheel grip on climbs and descents, Norco Sight A2 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike maintains momentum and cadence in technical situations and allows the suspension to move freely without absorbing drivetrain energy.



Ride Aligned matches each individual Sight to the human who rides it, creating a customized All-Mountain platform. Individual rider metrics, precise suspension kinematics, and proprietary app technology align you with your ride experience like never before. To customize your Ride Aligned experience, Norco tie every aspect of the system together with the Ride Aligned Bike Setup Guide.



Custom frame protection and a new shuttle guard protect each Sight from long, rowdy days on the trail and when it’s hanging off the back of your buddy’s pickup. Under-top tube mounts provide easy mounting for some of the most popular aftermarket storage bags or accessories.



Suspension components are mated to precisely-engineered Ride Aligned kinematics to produce 150mm of travel in back and 160mm up front. Norco also include 4-piston Brakes and oversized rotors to all Sight models for precise trail control. plus a long-travel dropper post that pairs perfectly with the low-standover frame. 

Norco Sight A2 (2023)

$6,199.00 Regular Price
$4,959.00Sale Price
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