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WTB Ranger 26″ x 2.8″ (67 – 559)

– TCS Light/Fast Rolling
– tubeless compatible
– 783g
– 60tpi
– folding bead

Please note, these measure around 66-68mm from knob to knob, and will therefore not fit in your average retro mtb frame.

These are intended to fit with Stridslands Barnacle forks and Beachcomber frames.
Here's the speil from Matias Stridslands himself:

The golden wheel size! They’re light and nimble due to the small circumference, and still have all that comfort and control you get from a tire of this volume.

A big 29×2.6 tire makes sense for a modern dedicated mountain bike, made for rolling over big obstacles at speed and holding momentum. A 700×23 makes sense in the velodrome, too. But for the type of riding I most enjoy, and what the Beachcomber is designed for, 26+ takes the cake.

The higher volume lets you run lower pressures, which in turn gives you that extra cushion and stability, especially on a wider 45mm rim like the WTB ST i40 26″. A little set of stairs, a surprise pothole, cobblestones, roots, and whatever other bumpy good stuff you can think of will get smoothed out nicely, and significantly more than what a 2.4″ tire will get you. You’ll also get fewer pinch flats!

These tires have tightly spaced knobs, they’re nice and supple, and they spin up really easily. Run them either tubeless or with a lightweight tube like the Schwalbe 13F, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how smooth and easy rolling they are.


These tires are a great choice for a STRIDSLAND Beachcomber. They are however also great for running up front if you’ve got a Barnacle fork on your retro mtb, or grab a pair if you own a Crust Evasion, Surly 1×1, Lowside, Instigator or something else with massive 26″ clearance <3


WTB Ranger 26 x 2.8

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